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What is Hypnotherapy?

Our minds operate on a Conscious and Sub-conscious level. The conscious mind tells us to take a shower, feed the dog, buy something for lunch; whatever it may be to operate our daily lives. Our sub-conscious mind on the other hand, is where our skills and learned behaviour come in to play; our ‘unconscious’ behaviour if you like.

When we were young we learned that a fire is hot, for example. We don’t need to keep testing this knowledge, we just know by looking at a fire that it is hot. We have learned this and now it a fact in our sub-conscious.

But what if we ‘learned’ a fact that wasn’t necessarily true? If for example, say you were bitten by a dog, does this mean that all dogs bite? No; but our sub-conscious may ‘learn’ this incorrect fact and we may develop a fear of dogs.

By using Hypnotherapy you will have the opportunity to find the ‘incorrect information’ which is causing something to negatively affect your life and teach your sub-conscious the correct information.

Hypnotherapy also uses specifically worded, positive suggestions under hypnosis to affect change at a sub-conscious level. This has been extremely effective for smoking cessation, weight loss, exam/driving test nerves, lack of self-confidence etc.

The key to Hypnotherapy is your commitment to wanting to make the changes needed.

Hypnotherapy can help you to be the person you should be.


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